The impetus for the Hoverbike project was to create the equivalent of a flying scooter from the “Star Wars” movie.  Hoverbike Raptor combines motorcycle with helicopter. A person flying it will sit in a position similar to existing biker’s position. Control will be carried out with the help of a motorcycle-like steering handlebar, and an innovative system of sensors that will provide intuitive machine guidance, as well as unforgettable experiences of flights. The safety of both: the pilot and other vehicles will be controlled by automation systems equipped with intelligent algorithms.
One of them is the basis of operation of the PowerGuard system. In the event of engine power loss – eg. by unnoticed fuel exhaustion – it runs the power generator in reverse mode, operating in this case as an electric motor for driving propellers. With the energy from the batteries – pilot assisted by PowerGuard system is able to land safely.


The device is made in terms of the main frame structure of composite materials. It has got two main propellers responsible for hovering and additional propellers used to maneuver. The main propulsion propellers are driven directly by the internal combustion engine, the others are driven by electric motors powered by a generator integrated with the combustion engine. All the engines are controlled from a central control unit together with the stabilization system and steering system which is the result of our project team’s work and is in the patenting process.

Hoverbike Raptor is powered by a reinforced Suzuki Hayabusa engine in a hybrid system (330 horsepower). This is a great Japanese design - lightweight and powerful enough to generate power to ensure full control, maneuverability and an unforgettable experience of flight - at speeds up to 110km / h. Interesting fact:


– Length [L] 4.9 meters, width [W] of about 1.8 meters;
– Height at the highest point [H] about 1.6 meters;
– Weight: 300 kg;
– The power of 330 horsepower;
– Maximum capacity 140 kg;
– Linear velocity of about 110 km / h;
– Speed hovering around 50 km / h;
– Hover altitude: approx. 900 m
– The range of approx. 150 km.

For the American market – height at which the device can climb has been electronically limited to 3.7 meters. This is the height at which a vehicle in the USA does not require certification for flying vehicles. The device’s first version will be dedicated for a single person, the next versions – for 2-3 persons.

Why “Raptor” ?

“Raptor” is a common name, which describes representatives of dromaeosaurid (Dromaeosauridae) – family of theropod dinosaurs belonging to the maniraptora group. The term was popularized by the “Jurassic Park” movie by Steven Spielberg. Dromaeosauridae name means “running lizard” – from the Greek words dromeus / δρομευς ( “runner”) and sauros / σαυρος ( “lizard”).

Dromaeosauridae were small, agile predators that have developed during the Jurassic, the biggest boom reliving at the Cretaceous.

Their sizes ranged from 0.5 to 7 meters. Dromaeosaurid characteristic detail was a curved claw mounted on a curved back, the second finger of each of the hind limbs. Claw was a blade-like slashing weapon, much like the canines of some saber-toothed cats, used with powerful kicks to cut into prey.

Agility, speed, raw power, ferocity – features that are very well reflecting the nature of our machine.